About Kenneth

Hi! I am a seasoned PPC specialist who has most of his experience at large tech startups in the Vancouver space. I have helped drive Adwords campaigns efficiency and performance through keyword optimization and intelligent campaign and ad structuring to focus most of my time on keywords and ads that matter, while de-prioritizing those that don't. I have also spearheaded Facebook Ads using engagement campaigns to build up creative engagement (likes, shares, comments) then use the same creative in a conversion-focused campaign to drive performance. I offer Adwords audits in my storefront and nothing else. This is mainly because ad management should be scoped based on client expectations, goals and size of the account and can rarely ever be contained in a "one size fits all" solution. I'd love to learn about your goals for paid advertising and we can see if I am the best fit for your business! If you need small help with your campaigns, message me as well! I'd love to help with some quick questions free of charge if all you need is some answers!